About PLANCKS 2021

PLANCKS is the physics competition for bachelor and master students hosted by IAPS every year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition will be online on May 6-9, for the first time in a programming hackathon-style, lasting for 36 nonstop hours. 

During the competition, participants will answer complex and puzzling physics questions, designed to challenge and entertain them. The problems are written by professors and cover different fields of physics.

This year is special as the competition is online, which makes it an open-book 36 hours hackathon instead of the standard exam where you had to bear your overseas travel. With a registration fee of only 20€ a team, prize money of (ħ/2) x 1037€ – which is almost one lakh rupees, speakers from the likes of NYU, Cambridge, and the president of European Physics Society and workshops like Quantum Computing, AI, and Entrepreneurship planned – we see no reason not to participate! 

Further, we have planned a kick-ass preliminary for you with fun events like Ψ – φ: A Physicist’s Round table, Networking Sessions, Game Night and Physicist’s Got Talent. The selected team will go on to represent India in PLANCKS for the first time!